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Jefferson Park Chiropractor for Family Wellness Care

Achieve and Maintain Your Health at Helping Hands Chiropractic Care

Whether you're flipping through pages of your favorite magazine or channel surfing, you likely will be bombarded with a host of ads for various medications. While medicine has its place, we like that chiropractic is a natural, drug-free approach to health care. Chiropractic gets fantastic results, can be used on patients of all ages, and it doesn't come with side effects.

Since 1988, Jefferson Park Chiropractor Dr. Peter Meyer has helped his patients get out of pain and on the road to a healthier life. At Helping Hands Chiropractic Care, he looks forward to getting you and your family the care you need to live your best life.

Dr. Pete helping patient stretch

Auto Accident Care

For those who have been in an auto accident, we also offer techniques and therapies to get patients on the path to recovery. That’s vital as, according to some research, people have problems for 30-40 years after an auto accident if they aren’t taken care of properly. Dr. Meyer’s postgraduate training in dealing with motor vehicle accidents allows him to get his patients the effective care they need to recover.

Dr. Pete showing patient spine joint


As a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture has been used for thousands of years. It’s remarkably effective in addressing pain as well as digestive problems, allergies, mood issues and more. Dr. Meyer has postgraduate training in acupuncture, and has gotten excellent results for his patients.